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Valentine’s day is celebrated on Feb 14th, every year in the loving memory of Saint Valentine. On the Valentine’s day everybody will celebrate the love between couples and friendship with friends. This special day is celebrated with gifts, flowers , chocolates etc.. Also with special Valentine’s day wishes, quotes, messages, images etc.. There are different kinds of celebrations on the Valentine’s day across the globe.

The third day of Valentine is celebrated as Chocolate Day. On this special day everybody will celebrate by giving chocolate to their loved ones and sending greetings about Chocolate Day. So here we are going to provide you the best , romantic, cutest greetings for loved ones on Chocolate Day.

Happy Chocolate Day Quotes and Greetings for Lover

“It’s Chocolate Day.. So lets celebrate the occassion With chocolate that will make the Occassion all the more sweet..!! Happy Chocolate Day”

“Sending you a wish dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with love. Happy Chocolate Day”

“Nothing is better than true love which is your s forever but not if it comes with a chocolate.  Than the later one is better. Happy chocolate day sweet heart… “

“A fridge without chocolate is like a face without smile. So always wear a smile and carry a chocolate. To make others and yours mood bloom. Happy chocolate day…”

“Every thing comes with a price and I come only with a chocolate. So by me a chocolate and m yours. Happy chocolate day…”

“Some sweet must be eaten after meal , may be jam toast in breakfast or a dessert after lunch. Same way u r the most sweet person and you are so important in my friend list. Happy chocolate day…”

“Every chocolate resembles a part of life some are sweet some are bitter some are soft some are crunchy while some are nutty but all are delicious…”

“The taste of love is like a chewing gum it will taste sweet only in beginning later it’s taste fade away. But for friendship it’s not like that. It tastes sweet till the end. Happy chocolate day my friend…”

Happy Chocolate Day sms , Wishes for Boyfriend/Girlfriend

On this Chocolate Day, how can we celebrate it without giving chocolate to your lover and without wishing them with a romantic text. Let’s celebrate this Chocolate Day by sending some cute, romantic and lovely texts to your loved ones.

“Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy chocolate which is same thing. If chocolate is the answer then the question is unknown…”

“Our hand and mouth have made an agreement many years ago that as far as chocolate concerned there is no need of involvement of the brain…”

“It is quite horrible to think of a devil who hate chocolate. Are there really these type of people …”

“Chocolate is my favorite word which automatically brighten up my mood. And so will be yours. Happy chocolate day…”

“Love is like a hollowed chocolate piece filled with cocoa. And it tastes slowly. Life without sex and chocolate is useless. Happy chocolate day…”

“Chocolate says m sorry and I love you much more better than words…”

Happy Chocolate Day Pics, Images and Wallpapers

The Third day of Valentine’s Day is celebrated as Chocolate Day on 9th Feb every year. This year Chocolate Day will be celebrated on 9th February Sunday 2020. On this Chocolate Day you can send messages or wish to your loved ones or you can gift them Chocolates. Here we’ll give you the best romantic, cutest and lovely images for your loved ones like husband/wife,boy friend/girl friend,friends and family.

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