Google Pixel 4 – Coming with New Technology

Google has posted the images of their new device pixel 4 through their official twitter account.The latest pixel device has 2 rear cameras.It’s one of the main attraction and the main feature is yet to begin..

The new and cool feature,the google has introduced is the gesture recognition.

In google pixel 4 you don’t need to touch your phone to give command,you just have to perform some gestures with your hand and fingers in the air in front of your device.The gesture sensor will capture your gestures and transmit your it to commands that will be performed by your device.

Google has been working on this technology for the last 3 years and they have started to make it use.All the sensors will be needed for gesture tracking will be placed on a small chip and this chip will capture even a tiny motion by your hand and fingers with maximum accuracy and speed.

Let’s see what’s hiding in the google pixel 4 and what will it’s able to do.

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