Happy Valentines Day 2019:- Quotes-Wishes-Sayings-Greetings

“To look into your eyes, to look at everything. and share every joy with you, we overcome all pain. Sink in your eyes, in your love before your eyes drown, I wish it on you, together – forever !”

“Sometimes we make love with our eyes sometimes we make love with our hands but always we make love with hearts…”

“And if we’re separated by miles, I’m always delighted we know each other. You belonged to those people you never forget. Because you are so special.”

“I wish I was your teddy bear, I’d be with you every night!”

“You’re somebody to the world. But for someone you are the world.”

“Secretly, silently and quietly I send this SMS through my heart. It comes from deep in the heart and with love, to sweeten your day.”

“R is for red, red is for blood, blood is for heart, heart is for love, love is for you, you are for me. I love you…”

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