How to develop a website or a blog

How to develop a website or blog

Basically two type of website can develop free or own paid websites or premium website. 

Free website

Free website means you can develop websites and blogs with using these platforms Blogger, WordPress. these are the two platform provide free services.

Advantages of free website.
  • Unlimited users can visit your website
  • Unlimited post(article ) you can publish
  • Free sub domain example ( “sujee” is sub directory
Premium websites

All things you need to purchases like Hosting, Domain etc.

Advantage of Premium websites

Customise website design and themes 

  • We can use plugins
  • Custom your own domain example (

How to start a free website:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

First visit or WordPress Signup with your email id  after complete signup process create a website name and domain name and proceed.

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