How to play pubg without lag any android smartphone

Play PUBG in any device without any Lag

If you are using your device more than 2 more more year then you must rest and master rest. your android device below one year or new device you can play without any rest. here is some way to play pubg game without any lag.

Uninstall Applications

Uninstall unused android applications, if any pre installed bot ads app then uninstall it. 

If your deci

Clean your smartphone.

clean your caches from your android cleaner application if not any application in your smartphone then download from google play.

After cleaning you must uninstall the cleaner application

Pubg Graphics Setting

Select Smooth Graphics and low Frame Rate, Low Frame rate is best for smooth graphics because if frame rate is high then your game will stuck some time example: “1GB ram device playing a 4K video”

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