The Ping issue is faced by most of the online gamer’s. The ping is the connection speed to the game’s server. In most cases the ping will be responsible for our failure in the game. So here we are going to discuss about how to resolve the ping problem.


Ping is normally a reaction time which causes the device to responds by accepting your request. A normal ping is less than 98 ms(Milliseconds) and higher ping ,mostly causes lag is above 150 ms. As the ping increases your actions in the game will take too long to show. A ping below 20 ms is greater .

Causes of ping problem

A higher ping may be occur due to various types of reasons.

  • Quality of your network
  • Signal strength
  • Heavy internet traffic
  • Background apps
  • Any downloads in background
  • lower indoor signal strength

Possible ways to reduce ping

There are a number of ways to maintain the ping to play game smoothly. Let’s have a look at those.

1. Close background apps

Close all your background apps, mostly those uses the internet. If an app is running in background , it can uses the internet connection for uploading and downloading its data. So closing all the background apps can cause some change in the ping.

2. Network strength

A good network connection is must for playing online games. The connection speed of your network is another factor that affects the ping. You can check the speed of your network from top of the notification panel or check through different sites speed test or . So choose a spot with better coverage to play online games.

3. Storage management

Freeing up some of your storage space is good for smoother game play. Full or almost full of your storage may affect your game play. So remove unwanted files and apps to free up some spaces.

4. Install any GFX Tool

Using any GFX tool will help you to reduce the ping and lag to make your game play smooth. I suggest to install the Flashrun GFX Tool for pubg. You can download the free and paid versions from the below link.

Free version-
Paid verrsion –

5. Try to repair pubg

If any of the above mentioned didn’t work, then try to repair pubg from the login page. Remember that your customized settings and other configurations.

I hope the above mentioned tips will help you at least a bit. Play your game and enjoy it. Keep following us to know more.

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