Motorola’s New foldable Smartphone Razr

Motorola has recently introduced a foldable smartphone called Razr. During the past they had a similar foldable keypad device also called Razr. Compared to other foldable devices, the Motorola Razr is much more pocket friendly and easy to fit in our palm and has lots of exciting features also.


The Razr comes with a 6.2 inch OLED display(while open) and 21:9 screen ratio with a resolution of 2142 X 876. The Razr’s screen has nano coating for splash resistance but no sign of any dust or water resistance. The Razr is made up of glass, stainless steel and resin on back.


While folding the Razr has another small display for quick access. They called it the quick view display with a resolution of 600 X 800 pixels. We can read notifications like msg ,email and more. It also allow us to quick launch apps and continue in main screen. But these seamless use of apps is limited to google apps only now. They’ll bring to another apps soon. And also the quick view display allow us to take selfie with a selfie camera of 16 MP and video call, also activate google assistant.


The Razr comes with a Qualcomm’s SD 710 chipSet along with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage ,expandable with micro SD. There are 2 batteries inside the Razr which’ll give all day power. And also has 15 watt turbo power charger.

The Motorola Razr will expect a prize of $1500 and become available for pre booking from December and will delivered in January. In the box we’ll get Denon earbuds along with the handset and a cradle that holds the device to amplify the sound.

Let’s wait and see what more they’ll bring for us…

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