Now pay credit cards bills of other banks using your SBI account – sbionline

Now, pay credit cards bills of other banks using your SBI account. Credit cards have become an important part of our daily life. Now you can pay your pending credit cards bills through SBI account.

Normally we pay pending credit cards bill through SBI Online Portal, Cheque, or internet banking.

SBI Provide a new scheme for there customers, called the credit card visa bill pay allows their customers to transfer money from their State Bank of India (SBI) account directly to any visa credit card Issued in India, to play pending credit card bills of other banks.

The requirement for these services you should need a sbi account with enabled sbi online banking or internet banking.


How to pay any visa credit bill sbionline


First step, login your using your username and password (internet banking password & username)

Second Step, After login go to profile and click manage credit card bill pay option then enter your profile password.

Third Step, After authentication register payee details to proceed after State Bank of India  SBI sent you an OTP to your registered mobile number

Fouth Step, after payee is registered, you can start paying your credit cards bills.


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