The PUBG has introduced a new Awards feature for all players. The players will get Real life awards and In game awards. Here we will describe about this new feature and how to earn them.

The players can submit their different kinds of videos to the PUBG. There are different categories on every week. Only one video is allowed to submit in a week by one player. So we need to choose wisely before uploading the video. The video length must be at least 30 seconds long.The video can be funny , craziest or even your best actions. They are focusing on thrills over than skills. So your video must be thrill as well as skill. There are a total of 4 weeks missions.

Week Wise Missions

  • Week 1 : Aim To Win.. (Nov 27 – Nov 30)
  • Week 2 : I Meant To Do That.. (Dec 4 – Dec 7)
  • Week 3 : Just Got My Licence.. (Dec 11 – Dec 14)
  • Week 4 : Scope Showdown.. (Dec 18 – Dec 21)

How To Start

  • Give a reply to PUBG’s challenge post on Twitter.
  • Or Tweet to @PUBG with following contents.
    • Link of your video posted publicly
    • The Hashtags, #PUBGAwards2019 and #Contest
    • The weekly Hashtag(eg: #AimtoWin)
  • Entry will not accept if any of the Hashtags are not right.
  • Submit your entry videos before 9 am PST.
  • Players must set their Twitter account to public and keep it public until event ends.

Prizes For Winners

  • First Prize (1)
    • Physical Trophy
    • Physical T- Shirt
    • In game T- Shirt
  • Second Prize (5)
    • Physical T- Shirt
    • In game T- Shirt
  • Third Prize(50)
    • In game T- Shirt

There are a total of 56 players will get rewarded every week. From those who wins the first place of each week will be selected and collect fan votes to choose one player to reward the Golden Trophy. Currently this award feature is for PC and Console Players.

An article will be posted on every week challenges during the challenge period. This week’s article will be on the following link.


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