The PUBG has introduced a new Awards feature for all players. The players will get Real life awards and In game awards.

The players can submit their different kinds of videos to the PUBG. There are different categories on every week. Only one video is allowed to submit in a week by one player. So we need to choose wisely before uploading the video. The video length must be at least 30 seconds long.The video can be funny , craziest or even your best actions. They are focusing on thrills over than skills. So your video must be thrill as well as skill. There are a total of 4 weeks missions.

PUBG has officially announced the first week winner. AimToWin challenge, the melee throwing challenge.The winner’s videos is below.

AimToWin winner

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Keep following us to know more news about PUBG. Second week challenge details will be published soon.

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