PUBG Labs : Bluehole Mode has arrived

Source: PUBG.COM

Another Blue circle inside the playzone!! Quiet interesting huh?? The PUBG Bluehole mode is exactly the same. The players won’t allow to stay for long time in the safe zone. Another blue circle will appear inside the safe zone area and deal as much as damage getting from the next bluezone circle.

This mode is available from Dec 5th to Dec 8Tth 11PM .This mode can be accessed from the LABS icon on top of the start icon.

How It Works?

  • An inner Blue Zone will appear from beginning of the match to the second last phase of the match.
  • The zone may have the same size or location of the next circle.
  • Players can’t stay inside it as they’ll take damage.
Source: PUBG.COM


  • Another blue zone inside the play zone, except last phase.
  • The damage inside the inner blue zone is same as that of the next blue zone.
  • The item’s span rate is 0.5x higher.
  • Faster revives with 4 seconds DBNO revive timer.
Source: PUBG.COM
  • Time Period: Dec 5 to Dec 8
  • Mode: 4 men squad
  • Perspective: TPP/FTP
  • Players limit: 64

Go and enjoy the new strategy of game. Keep following us to know more and upcoming news about PUBG .

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