The world famous Battle Royale game PUBG is now planning to play the game in 90 fps mode. The latest smartphones have 90 Hz and 120 Hz of refresh rates, while PUBG MOBILE can be played on 60 fps maximum.

The Qualcomme has introduced their new chip, SD 865 in the summit and they said it can be able to support 200 MP camera, 5G and even 144 Hz displays. So this new chip will be an advantage to the gamers and game developers also. So this chip can support 10 bit HDR and 90 Hz display smoothly.

When this new new chip starts to use in smartphones, the PUBG Mobile will be much more efficiently runs on those devices with more colorful and with 90 Hz refresh rate. Compared to the devices with SD 855+ , the PUBG MOBILE will be more smoother and much more colorful in new devices with SD 865 chip set.

Let’s see how this will bring changes in PUBG and other games. Keep following us to now more.

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