PUBG MOBILE : Best Looting spots in Erangel

As we all know that collecting more and useful loots is an important thing in PUBG. The zone and less loot will affect our winning possibility. So we need to choose those locations with more loots as well as much useful too. While we are playing in squad mode we need better loots for each of the squad player. So choosing which place to land will affect your loot collection and defeating enemies.

Here we are going to provide you the best looting spots in the Erangel map. So you can collect more better loots and kill your enemies before they do. The top locations with higher loots will describe here.


Loot availability : High
Risk : Medium

Rozhok is one of the best looting place which is nearly situated to the center of the map, In most of the flight direction Rozhok is easily accessible to land. Even if the zone is far from there, getting a vehicle is easy in there. There may be vehicles parked in the garages and can find from the road side also.

There are Multiple floor buildings and large base buildings for better and high quantity of loots. There we can find more number of ARs and a few sniper rifles may be.

School and Apartments

Loot availability : Very High
Risk : High

The school and apartments are one of the most loot available place with heavy risk. It’s situated in the center of the map and most players will wish to land there. The chances of surviving from there is low. So we need to find better loots first to defend ourselves and kill enemies.

There are plenty for rooms and floors in the school and even loots on the top of it too. In Most cases the school will come inside the zone and the players can loot without fearing of the blue zone. Like the same the apartments are also a risky place with large quantity of loots and plenty of rooms and multiple floors.But we can hide and fire easily. There are mostly ARs and SMGs available. Getting sniper is not that easy.

Yasnaya polyana

Loot availability : Medium – High
Risk : Low – Medium

Yasnaya Polyana is one of the best looting places in pubg with Low- medium risk range and have a variety of loots mostly there are SMGs and ARs. There are plenty of houses with multiple floors, so we can find more loots. There may be high chances of getting the same loot again. The possibility of getting snipers and level 3 items is not easy. We need to loot every houses as fast as possible. Anyhow every squad member will get much amount of loots for defending their self and attacking enemies.

Military Base

Loot availability : Very High
Risk : high

Military Base is another place with plenty of loots and heavy risk. Most of the area is open and players can find others easily. Better quality loots will get from this place. Mostly the armor and helmets of level 3 and better ammos and sniper rifles too. The loots are spread around and we need to run alot to find perfect loots for us.


Loot availability : Very High
Risk : High

The Novorepnoye is situated at the edge of the map and has better loots. Also the risk to collect the loots is very high.Mostly snipers will available from there, and most of the ARs and other guns too. Also able to find level 3 bags and other attachments. There are other items available also and the players can hide or get cover from enemies and firings also. There may be boats and vehicles are available.


Loot availability : Very High
Risk : Very High

The Georgopol is a perfect location with perfect loots and heavy risk. Most of the players will attracted to here with the vast area and higher number of warehouse and buildings. The place is mostly filled with ARs and Snipers and other tactical equipments also. We can also find level 3 items and attachments for the guns and medical items too. The loots in this place has better quality and are better useful to all kind. Landing quickly and finding better guns will save your ass, otherwise you’ll get killed.

Thanks for reading our content, we’ll update more related content soon. Stay tuned for us.

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