Since we all are familiar with the Movie “DEATH RACE” and also the game “DEATH RACE”. Now the world famous Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile has also announced to launch a “DEATH RACE” mode in PUBG MOBILE. The team has officially confirmed about this mode in their new update. The company has also named the mode as “DERBY MODE”.

In this mode as like the DEATH RACE game, the players have to destroy the enemy vehicle and also have to defend their self. The players can choose from the different vehicles like UAZ, Dacia or the Buggy and all of them are armed with different types of weapons like in the “DEATH RACE”. The weapons may include with M134 and Rocket launchers. There are some crates like supplies in the battle field with car repairing kits and weapons.

The twist that PUBG Mobile has introduced is there can be only 2 players are allowed in each of the car and only 3 cars are allowed to each team, so there can be 6 players to form up a team and it’s like team death match mode . That is only 2 teams are allowed to battle and the first team that destroys the enemy vehicle will win the match. The players can’t get out of the vehicle after the game begins.

These all are rolled out in beta version now. We need to wait for it to try that fast and action packed mode. Let’s wait and see for the update and what more will they going to bring for the players. Keep reading and we’ll update more details soon.

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