Finally the PUBG MOBILE has officially announced the date for their new game mode. They announced it during their Global Tournament. The name of the new mode is also confirmed that “RAGE GEAR”.

It’s an addition to the EvoGround mode. They also show a small teaser like video, how the mode works. It’s actually the same as we wrote on the previous post about the Death Race mode. Vehicles are attached with rocket launchers and machine guns. The players can choose vehicles like UAZ,Buggy or Dazia. The map is a small area located in Miramer. The palyers need to destroy the enemy vehicle to win the mode and once the players enters the vehicle, then they can’t get out from it until the game finishes. Also there are many crates like supplies for car repairing and medics that can be used to sustain. This mode will be available from Dec 11 on wards.
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A new mode called “Color Blind” mode will also arrive soon. That may be on 2020. They also launched a new website for targeting the hackers. Keep reading our posts to get latest updates and news regarding PUBG MOBILE.

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