PUBG MOBILE: Free Royal Pass, Royale Pass and UC

An exciting offer for the PUBG players those who can’t buy a Royale Pass for their own. we are providing instruction here to claim the Royale Pass for free.

How to get free Royale Pass

Since we all knew that the PUBG Mobile is not providing any free UC or Royale Pass. They are only providing discounts and offers for purchases.So we need to buy any of those with money. If we don’t have enough money, then we need to make it or find it. Here we’ll help you to make some money by doing some simple things and also that’ll be a benefit for you.

Ok then ,let’s start earning some money for the Royale Pass.

All you need to do is just visit this link and install the application from Google Play Store. . This DailyExam application will help you to purchase your desired UC and also helps you for studying, So this app is not a waste product. You can earn from this and learn from this.You can either use the prize money to buy Royale pass, UC or for your personal uses too.

DailyExam Application

Start using the application

  • Install the application
  • Open it and fill the required fields to sign in
  • Start playing quiz from your favourite categories
  • The top 3 in the leaderboard will be rewarded with prize money during every month

Each correct answer will give you points and each successful level completion will credit you coins. The user with more points and coin will be on the top of leaderboard.

There is lifelines for helping you to pass the question.You can use the coins for lifelines and also watch Ads to gain it. You can also watch Ads to earn more coins other than earning from levels.The more you play The more you gain.

Keep playing and keep earning. Try to be on top of the leaderboard for earning more. Go and earn your Royale Pass. Play-Learn & Earn.

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