Source: PUBG.COM

The number one Battle Royale game PUBG is always bringing various updates for the game with exciting features that will attract the player’s attention.

Recently they have added many new features like Chopper, TDM DeathMatch, Bluehole Mode etc.. The latest news and rumors says that they will bring a new vehicle to the game. The vehicle will be a Motor Glider.

Source: PUBG.COM

This vehicle will be available for a limited time only. It can carry 2 players at once and moves quickly to the destination within no time. The players can kill their enemies by dropping grenades or shooting at them or you can attack players on other gliders like attacking enemies while on wheels. At first the player needed to accelerate the gilder at a speed of 70 km/hr to take off and then you can manage it by using the throttle.

All the above information are based on rumors and leaked news. We need to wait for the official confirmation to know more about it. So we can wait for it. Keep following us to know more updates and news.

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