Source: PUBG Twitter

The PUBG Mobile’s recent updates brings lots of exciting features and modes for the players. The recent updates includes Payload, TDM, SnowBoard mode, RageGear etc..

The latest news and rumors says that the new update will bring the Payload Mode and war Mode together. In the Payload mode the players are able to use the chopper and tactical weapons like rocket launcher and grenade launchers. The war mode is like players are landed on a small area with a weapon and start fighting each other with endless respawns. The player or team with more kills will win the war.

Here the PUBG team is going to combine these two mode together and make it an awesome mode. In this mode the players can use rocket launchers and grenade launchers to attack the enemy in the war mode like game mode.

The PUBG team is bringing stunning and action packed gaming modes and items to the game to make it a legendary item. The players are addicted to the game because of these kind of game modes that gonna hold the breath.

Let’s wait and see what more will they bring in the future updates. Keep following us to know more about updates and news about PUBG.

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