PUBG MOBILE : New update with new character and more

The new season of pubg mobile has bring out lots of surprises for the players including items, missions, themes and more..And also a new female character called Sara. The most important thing is this character has a special ability that the damage taken by her is less from enemy bullets while she’s in vehicle.

According to PUBG Sara is the second character with ability after Victor ,which was introduced in previous update.Sara also comes with new costumes, catchphrases and emotes. To obtain these, players will need to complete missions and achievements.

According to Sara’s ability she’ll take only less damage while shes’s riding a vehicle ie.she’ll boost the defence of the vehicle too. so the bullets won’t penetrate easily. While victor has the ability to reduce the load-time of SMGs.

Anyhow her ability works in payload mode and team deathmatch mode only.Play and complete missions to unlock rewards such as emotes,skins and outfits..

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