PUBG MOBILE –New Update With New Map

An exciting news for PUBG MOBILE fans.The latest update is coming with a new map to prove your skills.

The new map is used in Deathmatch game mode.It’s a 10 minute fight and the first team finishes the 40 kills target will win the match.It’s a best action packed game mode and quite interesting to play for the addicts without boring.

One of the interesting feature is,this is a 4 vs 4 Deathmatch and the players can choose any weapons from the weapons table before starting the game and you’ll respawn in front of the weapons table if you were killed by your enemies,you can take whichever weapons you wants and kill your enemies.The players have to complete the target of 40 kills.The first team to finish the target will win the match.

new map VENEZIA

The new Map in PUBG MOBILE is named VENEZIA,the developers called this warehouse.Because a warehouse is situated in the middle of the map and covered with lots of containers for intense fire fights and areas to cover yourself.Check out it and break the skull of your enemies.

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