The most awaited Royale pass has been rolled out. This season has included lots of exciting features like Domination mode and Town Map. The new update is v0.16.5 and it’s called “Operation Tomorrow”. Also the damage of Groza has decreased a bit and a new vehicle has been added to the vikendi Map. This new season also brings lots of skins, emotes and other exciting items in the Royale pass.

The main attraction of this update is the new game mode called “Domination Mode” . Most of us are familiar with the Domination mode in the Call of Duty Mobile. It’s also like the same. The teams need to capture and hold the 2 bases out of the 3 to win the mode. The bases will be activated randomly, only then the team can begin to capture it. It also brings super crates with lethal and power packed weapons to kick out the enemies.

Town Map

The Domination Mode is allowed to play in the Town Map only. this new map is designed to play the Domination mode with extra powerful weapons to defend yourself and fight with enemies. Also a light Snowmobile has been added to the Vikendi map and it’s faster than the regular snowmobile but takes much damage . The warehouse map has also bring back to the arena mode and the players can choose weapons from the ground rather than picking it from the tables.

This season 11 brings lots of rewards and exciting features like multi option missions that includes higher number of mission objectives in Team arena or payload mode. It’s easier to track the mission progress because the weekly mission can be grouped together and shown by type. Get ready for the action and begin the game.

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