The PUBG Mobile team is adding various features to the game to make it an awesome stunning game. They have added many features and game modes like TDM, Chopper, Grenade Launchers, RageGear etc..

We have already posted an article about another feature ( Motor Glider ) that PUBG Mobile could bring in future update. Click the following link to know more about Motor Glider.

Read about Motor Glider :

The latest rumors saying that they will bring Spy Drones to the game. Call Of Duty players might be familiar with this thing. In COD Mobile, the players can use drones to find enemies and kill them. But here in PUBG they have changed the concept to spying only and not for killing.

In the PUBG Mobile the Drone is only for surveillance . This drone doesn’t have any firing or bombing abilities to kill the enemy. The players can control the drone like the chopper controls and surveille any locality for the presence of enemies and current situation. This Spy Drone will be available only in any special game mode under EvoGround mode.

Currently this being testing under the Chinese Beta version of the game and it’ll be out for all the other players soon. Let’s wait and see what more they gonna bring for the players. Keep following us to know more news and updates.

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