The PUBG Mobile has become a famous game within a few time. Most of the people are addicted to it. The players can play by solo, duo or even squad. Here we are going to provide some tricks and tips for those who wish to play Duo and Squad.

Land safely Together With Team

The first thing in the game is you must land safely to the ground. Avoid fall down and being landed to rush area. Mark a distant and medium areas for ease of looting and can avoid instant death in the beginning. Communicate with your team mates and fix a proper location to land. While with teams will provide you better cover and back ups. Find any weapons first to defend yourself from any enemies.

Aware Of Enemies

You must be aware of enemies at anytime. So while entering to a new building or new area look around for presence of enemies or firing sounds. Always close the doors after entering the house or enter through windows. So enemies will think that there is nobody looted from there and they will come in directly without thinking. Stay calm in different locations in the building for the enemy to approach and kill them instantly. Mark enemies ahead if you see any distant enemies. Push into buildings with all of your teammates simultaneously and continue firing at those who you see. You can’t recognize which is your teammate or which is your enemy, so fire at those who you see moving towards you or firing at you. Try to shoot on the head to give more damages.

Collect as much as Loot for Everyone

Collect more loots to choose the upgraded and required items from it. Also try to share loots with teammates. Upgrade your tactical items. always change your armor, helmet etc.. after being in a combat. Find suitable attachments for your weapons and use it. Always use a scope while attacking distant enemies and try to control the recoil of the guns. You can practice using the guns in the training section. So you’ll be able to understand about each guns. Read the following post to know about the best looting spots in PUBG Mobile.

Play Wisely With Teammates

Play wisely with your teammates. Customize your controls according to your ease of play. Don’t push into buildings and battle areas directly and never loot from the crates in open areas. Keep moving while looting , so that sniping enemies can’t kill you by head shot. If you have been shot from long distance by any sniper , never lay down, put back your weapon and run in a zig-zag way to find any hiding spots and heal yourself. Use the medics whenever require. Never attack an enemy without proper health. Use vehicles to reach the safe zone if it’s so far. Also avoid the red zones. Use the sniper to attack distant enemies, If you don’t have any then mark the enemy and ask your teammates to kill them. Always stick together to your team.Avoid the red zone for unexpected damage.

Opening Air Drops

All players are attracted to the Air Drop. So opening an air drop and going back alive is not easy. Try to reach the drop zone as fast as possible. Reach there only when the drop hits the ground. Look for the drop to reach and use smoke grenades to take cover and then loot and escape.Put your teammates to cover from enemy firings. If you found any enemies then drive your vehicle away from there and find a suitable place for shooting him or try to attack them. If you found any buildings nearby the drop, then your team can stay there to kill those enemies comes for drops. For doing all these you need to reach there first.

Last Zone

To get the chicken dinner, you need to complete the last zone. If you are with your teammates, Put one of them for sniping enemies and others to attack instantly.

  • Never loot from the crates or drops while in the last zone.
  • Use smokes in different directions to distract the enemy.
  • If you heard any enemy sound throw grenades or cocktails in that direction.
  • Use all of your energy drinks and painkillers.
  • Never stay still and shoot.
  • If you get any cover, then stay there until zone comes.
  • Never use scope if the enemy is close.
  • Aim for the head to kill quickly.
  • Reload and upgrade your guns.
  • If the last zone is an open area, then ask your teammate to take a vehicle(if any) and drive through the zone and others look for the enemies to attack the vehicle.
  • Take as much as grenades for the last zone for each teammates.

Hope this ‘ll help you to gain some chicken dinner. Keep following us to know more news and updates.

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