PUBG Upcoming new update

The most popular mobile game PUBG Upcoming new update. Recently it was updated which includes infection mode and graphics improvement. The upcoming update have new features like helicopter, it is a new exciting features. By adding helicopter it will be both easy and very very difficulty to win chicken dinner. maximum speed of helicopter is 200 km/h.

The helicopter will help players in getting to zone and also can attack other players. Helicopter may not have any inbuilt weapons like gun, missile etc. While flying helicopter carefully because PUBG adding launcher in game which is capable to explode helicopter. Helicopter present in different place in map like, School etc..

PUBG Mobile Latest APK:

You can download the latest PUBG Mobile APK from here:

  • Open & Search for PUBG Mobile.
  • Select the latest version.
  • Click on the¬†download¬†button.

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